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The Microsoft Store may not have the largest collection of apps but Microsoft really wants users to find applications easily. The users should be able to find what they are looking for in the Microsoft Store. In other words, app discoverability should not be an issue. Microsoft has made a lot of changes to the Store so that people will get a tailored app experience but the best way to let users know about apps they need is by updating the Microsoft Store listing. This, of course, is done by the app developers. The developers can add and update details about key features of the app. They can add Screenshots and Video trailers highlighting what the app does best.

However, even after the developers do this, it takes time before the contents go live. But Microsoft says that the problem has been fixed. Microsoft promises that submitting things like the changelog, new screenshots, etc. will be published much faster than before. There is another process of Certification which takes anywhere from a few hours to three days. After the Certification is complete, the changes will be published in the Microsoft Store within an hour.

Microsoft has not improved the publishing time of updated app packages. They will still take up to three business days to get published in the Microsoft Store. If you are a developer and you are looking to publish an app or game for the first time, Microsoft recommends you to submit the app package three days before your scheduled day to be published. There is also a Scheduled section with which you can specify a release date and time of your choice.

If you are a Microsoft Store user, then you know that developers usually do not bother to provide changelog or newer screenshots and video trailers of their updated app. Only a few developers committed to the Microsoft Store will publish the updated changelog and other stuff. We hope that the faster publishing time will be enough for developers to submit changelogs int heir updated app.

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