Uber PWA for Windows 10
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Uber is today launching its new app in the Microsoft Store for all Windows 10-powered devices including phones and PCs. It’s a Progressive Web App (PWA) and it opens the mobile website within the app.

Earlier this year, Uber officially pulled its old UWP app for Windows devices, including both PCs and mobile phones, choosing to concentrate instead on Android, iOS and web platforms.

“We’re no longer supporting app on Windows. You can use Uber with the following smart devices instead: iPhone (iOS 7 or newer) and Android (Jelly Bean or newer),” Uber said in an email.

Uber’s comeback on Windows devices took place rather quietly. Uber’s new app is basically a web wrapper with support for native APIs. You will be able to book rides , search for address, find locations, and more.

Uber’s old UWP app was also integrated into Cortana, the default digital assistant in Windows 10, so this feature has stopped working as well.

What’s more important to note is that the app has been updated to web wrapper of the company’s mobile website so several in-app menu links might switch to the Edge browser to open a full web page, leaving the app altogether.

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