WhatsApp concept for Windows Phone
WhatsApp for Windows Phone Concept. (Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com).

We have been regularly informing our users of the new features the WhatsApp team is working on for Windows Phone users. We had reported earlier that WhatsApp has pushed the “Live Location” feature for Windows Phone users.

Today we bring to you another new feature which is currently available for Windows Phone users on the Beta application of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp team today has rolled out the new “Send Messages” feature for groups. The latest feature is currently available for use on the WhatsApp Beta application on Windows Phone.

WhatsApp had been testing this feature internally since a long time and finally they have pushed out the feature to all platforms at the same time. The Send Messages feature is currently available for all Windows Phone Beta users.

The new feature gives more authority to the admin of the groups by restricting the users who can send messages in the group. The admin can change the setting by going to the Group Settings in the particular group.

Once the feature has been set by the admin, then any user who wants to message in the group will need to get the access from the admin by sending him a message. Once the access is given, then the user is able to send or reply to messages in that group.

With this the sanctity of the group is maintained and no one can write or send messages which could be harmful or discriminatory to other members of the group.

Once the admin changes the settings for the Send Messages future, he will not be able to edit or add any other member up until 72 hours of completion. The admin can edit the Send Messages settings only once every 72 hours.

The option can be found under the new Group Setting option and to enable you need to go to Group Info>Group Settings>Send Messages>Two options(all participants and only admins).

WhatsApp earlier added the “Edit Group Info” option under Group Settings which gives admin the option to allow all participants or only admin to provide the authority to change the group info.

The latest “Send Message” has been added via a server update to the Beta application and you would need to be on version 2.18.134 to be able to take advantage of the new feature.

We are not sure if the feature is already live for the users on the stable version of WhatsApp application. If any of our users are on the stable version of the application, then do let us know if you have received the feature in the comments below.