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Microsoft’s effort in the education sector is finally paying off. A new report claims that Windows continues to be the preferred choice worldwide for devices in the education sector. Microsoft’s Windows has once again managed to beat both Google and Apple in this particular segment, according to a report from Futuresource Consulting

“When looking at shipments of devices by OS globally, Windows maintained its leadership position in the first quarter of 2018, accounting for 44% of shipments in the quarter,” the report reads.

It appears that the performance in the Asia Pacific and European regions recorded the biggest boost. Furthermore, shipments in Q1 2018 increased by 4 percent as compared to the same quarter the year before. Up to 5.8 million units were shipped.

The performance, however, declined in Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

While Windows holds 44 percent of the shipments and is the most prefered operating system, Chrome OS was the number one choice with a market share of 56 percent in this particular segment in the United States.

“March saw the announcement of Apple’s new iPad, sporting Pencil support with a sub $300 price point for educators. May has seen shipments of the first Chrome powered tablet to the market in the form of Acer’s Chromebook Tab 10. These announcements are expected to increase the number of schools considering the use of the form factor, with many using tablets for specialist use cases like robotics and the creative arts, in addition to a Notebook/Chromebook for text heavy applications,” the company said.

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