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We recently learned that Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung could launch a foldable smartphone-tablet in the coming months. While the phones from Samsung and Huawei will run Android, Microsoft’s mobile device will be powered by Windows 10. It appears that the software giant is not the only company working on a foldable mobile device with Windows 10.

A report recently revealed that Dell is developing its own Windows 10-based foldable device codenamed Januss.

Dell’s dual-screen device is codenamed “Januss” and just like the Microsoft Andromeda, it will also use a hinge for foldability. The report from a German site earlier revealed that the Windows 10-powered dual-screen device from Dell has been in development since last summer. It could be powered by a new processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 850.

A report from The Verge, however, revealed that the documents obtained are old and it’s likely that Dell has already altered its dual-screen Windows 10 phone plans by now.

It’s not yet known if and when the Dell’s dual-screen Windows 10 device will be unveiled, the details about its design and features are still unknown.

While it’s difficult for any OEM to create a new device, Microsoft appears to be advancing the developments of its own foldable mobile device codenamed Andromeda.

We’ve learned a lot about Microsoft’s Andromeda or the mythical “Surface Phone”. The patents published online and the details obtained by the reliable sources revealed what Microsoft has developed behind the closed-doors to make a foldable device something you’d like to use every day.

Microsoft has also figured a way to implement hinge gestures which would allow the foldable device to transition between a multitasking and a single-tasking state. By the looks of things, the foldable smartphones from all OEMs will feature a hinge, and it would be a core part of the navigation.

Microsoft always said that the Surface devices was all about creating new product categories and motivating the partners to follow its footsteps.

It’s clear that are people who are still interested in a new mobile device from Microsoft, but it remains to be seen whether Microsoft or Dell can make foldable mobile devices and launch it before the Android smartphone makers.

Samsung is expected to announce a product that will create a new category in 2019, but it’s likely that the Microsoft’s Andromeda mobile device will be unveiled before. It would be really too bad if the Redmond giant doesn’t release it.

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