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This news should not come as a surprise to many users with another bank Deutsche Postbank bidding farewell to Microsoft’s Windows platform. The Postbank has decided to bid farewell to its official application on Windows 10 Mobile.

The company has removed the listing of its banking app from the Microsoft Store and user with the banking app installed on their Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be able to use it.

It’s quite surprising for Postbank users since there has been no prior intimation from the bank or its officials in regards to the company’s decision to discontinue its mobile banking app.

The Postbank users are being redirected to the mobile website of the bank, and you’ll be able to use the services on your web browser.

This has not been the first case with many a major banks having already withdrawn its support for the Windows 10 platform.

The Windows 10 Mobile can are however allowed to browse and operate the Postbank services in Microsoft Edge browser.

This decision doesn’t come as a surprise since previously also there have been many major companies and banks who have pulled the plug on their official Windows application due to the less percentage of users on the platform and the company itself putting Windows 10 Mobile on maintenance mode.

Microsoft had already confirmed that its Mobile version of Windows 10 is currently in maintenance mode and will continue to receive new security updates until late-2019 when the company officially plans to pull the plug completely.

The Windows 10 Mobile Deutsche Postbank users are advised to continue using the company’s mobile version of the bank’s site or move to either iOS or Android to enjoy the banking services.

Not only the developers but Microsoft itself is focusing on Android and iOS. The company is, however, working on Andromeda and if everything goes as per the schedule, the new platform called Windows Core OS and mobile-type device codenamed Andromeda will be announced later this year at a Surface event.

Microsoft is also working on Progressive Web Apps and it seems to be attracting some well-known companies.