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Ahead of E3 2018, Microsoft today announced the all-new Xbox Controller designed for accessibility. It’s likely that Microsoft will showcase the Xbox Adaptive Controller to the world at the E3 2018 gaming conference.

Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller is an Xbox controller designed for people with disabilities. As you can judge from the above image, the controller has a design which would make gaming easier for players with disabilities. Microsoft says it has two large programmable buttons, and the company has also included 19 jacks.

The 19 jacks allow gamers to connect joysticks, buttons, and switches for the best gaming experience. The controls make it easier for people to play games.

“I can customize how I interface with the Xbox Adaptive Controller to whatever I want,” says Solomon Romney, a Microsoft Stores retail learning specialist in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“If I want to play a game entirely with my feet, I can. I can make the controls fit my body, my desires, and I can change them anytime I want. You plug in whatever you want and go. It takes virtually no time to set it up and use it. It could not be simpler,” adds Solomon Romney, a Microsoft Store employee who was born without fingers on his left hand.

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Microsoft says that the Xbox Adaptive Controller will allow players to built a setup that works for their capabilities and needs. The peripherals, joysticks, buttons, and switches make the controller the all-in-one solution for almost all players.

Microsoft has been working to make gaming and Xbox more inclusive for everyone, and Xbox Adaptive Controller is a step forward.

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller will be launched later this year for $99.99. It will be available for purchase later this year and more information could be announced at E3 2018 gaming conference.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella recently hinted that the company is serious about the development of Xbox platform. In the past few months, Microsoft pushed several updates to Xbox devices to improve the gaming experience. Recently the software giant also launched a new site called Xbox Ideas to collect feedback from the gamers.

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