Image Courtesy: Windows

WhatsApp today released a  new update for is stable version of the application on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. The latest update comes with new features which have already been tested on the Beta version of the application. The update bumps the app to new version 2.18.88.

The latest update comes with the privacy rules which the company had incorporated last week. The privacy related changes have been incorporated mainly for the European users who are above 16 years of age.

The European users get a notification after updating the app, once accepted they will be able to use the application on their Windows Phone. The new option is available in the settings section of the application.

Another new feature which is now available for all WhatsApp Windows Phone users is the option of “Request Account Info”. The option will help the users in getting the information that has been collected by WhatsApp. You will be able to download the data once it is made available.

WhatsApp will send you a notification once the data is ready for download and users will also be able to move the data to another service. The “Request Account Info” option can be found in the settings section of the application.

Along with introduction of GDPR related changes and Account Info download option, WhatsApp has made a minor change to the “Blocked contacts”. The Blocked contacts has now been renamed to “Manage Blocked contacts”.

The WhatsApp team has also added new set of emojis to the Windows Application which were already available on iOS and Android. The Windows Phone users will now be able to correctly view the emojis received by their friends and family on their Windows phone.

Earlier the Windows Phone users were not able to view the particular emoji sent from iPhone and Android devices as it appeared as a blank rectangular box. This will now change and the emojis will appear correctly to let the Windows Phone users react according to the received emoji.

The “Live Location” feature is also been added to the stable version of the application which is currently disabled by default and we expect the company to enable the option very soon via a server update since the Live Location feature has also not yet made it to the Beta application for Windows Phone.

Apart from the major new features the WhatsApp team has also made it a point to fix some under the hood bugs and improve the performance of the application. The latest update for the WhatsApp application is currently live and you can download it by going to the Microsoft Store.