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The new update contains mostly under the hood changes and not to say, it is worth updating – for you never know what performance improvements or bug fixes you may see. With the update, the version number jumps to 4.8.41990.

After being in Beta for weeks, it is finally available for all users with the most notable change being support for new languages (Korean, Japanese, Russian) in the app drawer.

TL; DR here is what’s new in the update

  • Support app sorting for Korean/Japanese/Russian languages in app drawer.
  • New first time experience for mobile connected users from Windows setting
  • Cortana integration improvements.
  • Improved app launch experience.
  • Supports more device settings like WiFi, flight mode, and navigation query.
  • Fixes bug, code clean up and performance tuning

The new update brings first time experience for mobile connected users from Windows settings. It also got Cortana integration improvements with improved app launch experience and the support for more device settings like WiFi, flight mode, etc.

It already being said that the app got under-the-hood refinements which means the Launcher should run smoother, faster and more efficiently than the previous builds.

It is also worth noting that Microsoft launcher is among the top Microsoft apps on Play Store with 10,000,000+ downloads – that’s a huge number! With that, it has got a user rating of 4.6 out of 5 which means it is a pretty solid app and is widely appreciated.

It requires a lot of permissions but if this seems overwhelming to you, you have got control over what the Launcher can have access to, provided you are running Android Marshmallow or up. Also, most of these features are required by the app to use the features it has like toggling WiFi or asking Cortana (hence, the microphone access).

You can download and enroll in the new Microsoft Launcher beta program from the Google Play Store.