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Last month we reported that Microsoft is working on a major update for its Xbox One users with new features. The company today is releasing the major update to all Xbox One users enrolled in the Alpha Ring.

The update is being termed as the April Update which is now available to be downloaded by all Xbox One Alpha Ring. The update comes with some major new features for the Xbox One users.

First among the major feature which is being rolled out is the 1440p support which has already been in works internally by Microsoft. Xbox One users will now be able to stream videos and play games at 1440p on the Xbox One X.

Microsoft is also introducing a new Share Controller feature which will let streamers of Mixer on Xbox One to share their controller with a viewer. Microsoft Edge browser users will now be able to see a new look of the browser after the update.

The new look lets users to navigate with the controller and it also makes easy for users to download and upload images, music and videos directly by giving access to content via the File Explorer.

There are also new audio controls which have been added in the update which lets users to adjust the volume of the background music. Club owners will be provided with the ability to filter invitation requests and are also now provided with two new options “what’s hot” and “top posts”.

Club owners are also expected to get the ability to disable comments in the feeds posts. Microsoft is also adding a new dedicated tab for the Xbox Live Gold which lets users to view all the Games with Gold.

The latest update is already rolling out and should be available to download on your Xbox One console for gamers enrolled in the Alpha Ring and is expected to be available for all Xbox One users next month.