Skype on Windows 10 Mobile
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Microsoft has improved it’s Skype Windows 10 app over the past few weeks, the company has made some substantial progress on the development of the app, bringing it more in line with Android and iOS version.

Microsoft is today rolling out a new update to Skype for Windows 10 devices. The new version of Skype is available for Windows Insiders opted into the Release Preview Ring. The update fixes some bugs and as well as improves the overall performance of the application.

Skype has been updated for both Windows 10 Mobile and PC to versionĀ 12.1811.248.0 on the Release Preview Ring and the new version is available for download in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has fixed a bug on Windows 10 Mobile where the Skype incoming call would not ring through the speakers.

The update has also fixed an issue where both Windows 10 and Skype emoji could be displayed incorrectly. It seems that the Skype UWP app still has many issues for some users, for example, the app uses the default Windows 10 notification and not the exclusive Skype sound.

If you still prefer the traditional classic Skype for Windows operating system, you can now once again download the app from Microsoft’s official website. While Skype UWP design is much better than the classic app but many users are still not ready to embrace Microsoft’s redesigned Skype app.

Microsoft had pulled the Skype classic app due to a claimed security issue which has been already fixed, and today the app is finally available for download. Skype classic for Windows 10 is still better than the UWP app in terms of performance and features such as support for multiple windows.