Telegram team today pushed out a new update for its Official version of the Application for Windows Phone platform. The app has been bumped to new version 3.0. The update comes with many new features which have already been tested in the Telegram Messenger Preview App.

The latest update brings some most wanted features to the Stable version of the Telegram App. After the latest update you will now be able to search for stickers. You would need to start writing in the search bar for quick access to the stickers set you are looking for.

The Telegram team has now added a new Connected section in the application. The new Connected section is visible when you try to connect Telegram to access other websites. The new section is visible in the Privacy and Security Settings of the Telegram application.

Another new improvement that has been added is the formatted text will now be displayed in captions. If you are a VPN user, then there are improvements made for VPN support along with improvements to the download and upload speed of the application.

You will also be able to now save messages in a new Saved Messages folders which can be viewed from your Chat List or Settings. Public channels can now be searched by entering their titles in the search bar with improvements to the search option in the latest update. Apart from adding some major new features the Telegram team has made sure to fix some under the hood bugs and also improve the overall performance of the application.

The above features have already been under testing with the Preview version of the application and has now finally made it to the stable version of the Telegram Messenger application.

The Latest update is currently live and users can download it by clicking the below Microsoft Store link.

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