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There has been a lot of talk of the recent vulnerabilities found in the CPUs of lot of devices which were caused by the Meltdown and Spectre attacks which had effected lots of PCs worldwide.

The most effected have been the processors by Intel, which timely got updates to mitigate any damage to its processors due to the Meltdown and Spectre attacks.

To make sure that its processors are not effected with such vulnerabilities, Intel today announced in a released statement informing users that it is working on introducing new methods to protect its processors against the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

The two vulnerabilities had been publicly disclosed by Google Project Zero across the globe and had timely been informed to the companies for them to make sure to push out updates to mitigate the vulnerabilities without causing damage to users.

The updates were a temporary workaround or patches which were pushed out to safeguard user’s data. However the chip manufacturers like Intel will be needing more time to fix the issue and protect their processors from being attacked in future.

Intel like any other manufacturer is working on a fix to mitigate the Spectre vulnerability which has two variants and is more damageable than Meltdown.

The company having been put all its resources to find a solution to fix the Spectre vulnerability has announced that it has been able to find a method to protect its chips to be released in future by a “partitioning method” between privilege levels and apps.

The partitions, the company says will act as an additional protective walls between applications and user privilege levels. The company having now found a method is working on releasing its 8th generation of Intel Core processors in second half of 2018 which will be coming with the partitioning method against the Spectre Variant 1 and 2.

The company is expected to release the new processors in the second quarter of 2018 which will be protected from the Spectre 1 & 2 attacks. The company also requests the users to make sure to have their PCs up to date with the latest security updates since the company plans to release more firmware updates for its processors in coming months.

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