Lumia 950 XL
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We reported last week that Microsoft would be selling Samsung Galaxy S9 this year as well as they did with the Galaxy S8 “Microsoft Edition”. But this year Galaxy S9 won’t have a special Microsoft Edition which comes preinstalled with several Microsoft apps rather it would be same as that of what Samsung sells.

Microsoft is offering up to $350 discount on Galaxy S9 if you trade in your old smartphone at Microsoft stores in your area. The value of your old smartphone is decided by Microsoft on the basis of its launch date, processor, camera etc. Basically what this means is that newer is your phone more will be its price trade in price at the Microsoft store.

But what comes as surprise is that Microsoft is offering a trade-in value of merely $50 for their own Lumia 950 smartphone if it is in good condition. This has been reported by a Reddit user who himself visited Microsoft Store to know about the value of Lumia 950 for this exchange offer on the Galaxy S9.

This is some really disappointing stuff coming Microsoft as they have already abandoned Windows Phone after preaching several times in the past that even if nobody will make Windows Phone they will continue to make them. And now not offering the Lumia 950 user a respectable price has made the situation worse and certainly those users would never purchase a Microsoft Phone in future.

Microsoft is offering two versions of Galaxy S9 at their store which you can buy here. Galaxy S9 will be powered by the latest Android version i.e. Oreo. The 64GB Samsung Galaxy S9 is available for $719.99 and the 64 GB Samsung Galaxy S9+ is available for

  • Uncommon_Tater

    They could offer it to me for free and I still wouldn’t take it.

  • WPJ

    Lumia 950 has survived for so many years and S9 will be obsolete tomorrow.

  • JohnW

    I would love a spare 950 for $50.

  • baalu

    Good god. Microsoft offering a mere 50$ for Lumia 950 in exchange to buy a Shame-sung. Damn. I use a smartphone just because there is Windows in it. I would not pick an Android/Apple even if it’s for free. Mind embarrassing us more? Microsoft.

  • Thomas Mullen

    In the end, even if you were to get the $350 credit, you would still be shelling out nearly $500 for a phone that will be obsolete in a year, is in essence a downgrade, and has bloatware installed from the factory. Pass! I will keep my 950XL which is running just fine, thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Shame MS, selling stock 950 for almost $500 but merely $50 to trade in for low security OS……I double up to $100 for MS to fix the PDF issue on Win10m edge & incorrect/misplace location in Bing map. Once my 950XL down will switch to IOS. Why bother MS mobility device or fake Win10 android for their negligence/shame responsance to MS fans. They deserve it & their dream come true!

  • Sorry, but I’ll pass this offer. I would never go back to Android as my daily driver!

  • Hoosier__Daddy

    Time to hang out in front of the local MS store and offer $60 for L950s.

    • Alfred Soyemi

      I’ll take that sweet smart thought of your and sweeten the deal to $60.99 – Take that