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There are few official apps in the Microsoft store that are updated regularly. The official Telegram app is also on that list. Recently, Telegram announced a newer version of their app called “Telegram X” for iOS and Android with many new features which focused on speed, ease of use, quality of animations and other aspects.

But the official Telegram app for Windows 10 did not receive these new features of the X version of the Telegram app. However, the developers of unofficial app unigram on Windows Store has updated their older app to a new version of the app which is branded as “Unigram X”.

Some features introduced in this Unigram X update were part of the telegram X app for Android and iOS. The new unigram X app has been written again from the scratch and it also includes some new features that are native to Windows 10 only. The developers of the app have stated on the Store that this update guarantees the improvement in performance stability and security.

These are the new features of the app:

  • The app can now be used offline because each time a user opens the chat it is cached on your device which is used when the device is not connected to internet.
  • The end to end encryption can now be enabled for conversation by using the ‘secret chat’ feature.
  • The falls creator update of Windows 10 introduced the my people experience which allowed users to directly send mail, skype chat and see contact info from the people’s bar in the taskbar. Unigram X is now the first third party app to support My People and allow users to pin there friend’s profile onto the taskbar.
  • The app is now faster as compared to the old one and also includes bug fixes.

The latest Unigram update is now available for download and you can get it by clicking the below Microsoft Store link.

Download Unigram for Windows 10

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