Image Courtesy: onMSFT.com

As we all know WhatsApp is working on a couple of exciting new features which are yet to go public. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is rolling out a new update to its Windows app which brings many exciting noticeable new features. With latest update app has been pushed to the version 2.18.30.

With version 2.18.30 app gained the ability to search participants in a group. When you go to the Group Info page you will see a search box which allows you to find any group member instantly.

As you know WhatsApp has been working on a feature called Live Location. The Live Location feature allows you to share your real-time location for a specific amount of time. You can share your live location in a group chat or to one contact via an individual chat. With version 2.18.24 we’ve seen the first glimpse of this feature on Windows Phone. However, this feature is still hidden in the latest update.

Apart from that, Download My Data feature is also coming to Windows Phone in an upcoming update. In case if you missed it Download My Data will allow user’s to download a report of user’s data from WhatsApp servers. (PS: We don’t know what it might include apart from your tagline and your name.) However, it will take up to 20 days to generate your report from WhatsApp servers and you will get a notification once it’s ready to download.

You can go ahead and download the latest version of WhatsApp Beta app from here via Microsoft Store. And let us know in a comment below if you find any interesting new feature in latest update.