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Along with other stocks app in Windows 10 initial version, Microsoft also launched an app named “Phone Companion” (previously Companion for Phone). Companion for Phone is nothing but a guide which help users to connect their Windows Phone, Android and iOS device to their Windows 10 PC.

Once you connect your device, the app automatically to sync the data. Now, we are hearing reports that Microsoft planning to remove the app from the Windows 10. But that’s not a huge decision. As we you know Microsoft already added various similar feature to achieve this functionality. Such as Continue on PC experience, which allow users to send a web page’s link to their PC.

Furthermore, Windows 10 Redstone 3 Microsoft also introduced the Continue on PC integration to Microsoft Launcher. Which allows users to send any photos and documents to the PC instantly. In addition Microsoft also working on a near share feature for Mobile devices. Microsoft has integrated Near Share across Windows 10 devices. Near Share will help user to share various content across the device which also includes webpage, files, folder, photos, music etc. Although, Near Share is currently only available for Windows 10 PCs only, but Microsoft would add support for mobile devices in the future.

So removing the Phone Companion app from Windows 10 is not a big deal. It’s pretty straight forward. Why would company like to keep 2 same functionality in OS as a different module? And honestly not many users are actually using it. How often our readers use Phone Companion app? Let us know in a comment below.

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