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Over the past couple of years, Microsoft’s very own Bing search engine has received significant growth. At NatchCom, Microsoft revealed some interesting data about its own search engine.

In case if you don’t know NatchCom is a 2-day conference set in Boulder, putting digital and e-commerce to work. So many big billion companies every year participant in the conference including Google, Spotify, Pinterest, Booyah and more.

Bing has 15% year of year growth as of last quarter. And today at NatchCom, Microsoft revealed that 20% of “all searches” in the USA, were taking place on Bing in December 2017. The percentage also includes searches from both desktop and mobile as well. Furthermore, Microsoft also highlighted that 63 million PC searches were from Bing.

Of course, this is a huge number. However, as you know Google is at the top of the list. But this growth of Bing is really huge. Microsoft took various strategic moves to achieve this goal.

Factors that helped Microsoft to achieve this goal

The popularity of Microsoft Edge browser on Android and iOS device is one of the reasons behind this growth. Furthermore, Microsoft Launcher for Android device is also an important factor. Since Microsoft Launcher is one of the best 25 apps of 2017 and has deep integration of Bing search in it.

Another factor is the growth of Windows 10. As we reported earlier that Windows 10 market share gained almost 2% in the course of two months from 32.93% in December 2017 to 34.29% in January 2018. In addition, with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Microsoft made significant improvements to the look and feel of the personal assistant which also has stronger Bing integration.

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