Opera Browser
Image Courtesy: Opera.com

We all know that Mozilla revived their Firefox browser by introducing Firefox Quantum. It was quite a significant and much-needed update to counter the Google Chrome Monopoly.

Opera recently announced Opera 51 with improving browsing speed. In a blog post, opera discusses some of the improvements the company has made with the browser. The company is claiming that Opera now has the capability to go head to head with Firefox and Chrome.

The company in their blog post have shown a benchmark test which clearly beats Firefox to the ground in terms of speed. Going by the exact score Opera is 38% better than Firefox.

The update is not only meant to improve the speed but the company also added some supreme functionality that will make your browsing sleeker.

Opera 51 Full Changelog

Click the tab to scroll

This is an interesting feature. If you are confused to let me clear it for you, It will work much more like Twitter with a slight difference. While reading a long article on the web it consumes a lot of time scrolling back to the first page. This feature will enable the users to do that just by clicking on the page tab. This feature is pretty handy as it saves a lot of time.

The other changes include:

  • Desktop wallpaper in Opera
  • Safely and easily reset browser settings
  • Allow all sites to use Flash
  • Private mode style updated.

Now that Opera also came on board with their latest Opera 51 release to make the competition stiffer and we are also expecting something from Microsoft to offer with Edge as it currently lags behind Firefox, Chrome, and Opera in terms of performance.

  • Mezzina Francesco

    It isn’t true,the new Quantum is faster than Opera 51!

    • Nico Patta

      You’re wrong: Opera 51 is faster thant Quantum. Peacekeeper is obsolete and no more supported and Speed-battle is another amateurish benchmark. The only benchmark that matters is something extensive and precise like Speddometer 2.0 that takes minutes and minutes to run, not just a couple of seconds!