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Microsoft’s notorious attempts at making a successful web browser are not unknown to us. With Internet Explorer 1 the company made its debut in this business. At the initial days, the company enjoyed some success with the product but that did not hold very well in the long run and Microsoft teste a defeat from the likes of Mozilla and Google. Despite the criticism The company faces, it never really left the battlefield.

Google chrome currently is the leader in a desktop web browser with a market share of 61.41%. If you do the maths, Chrome currently running on 60% of the desktop computer. While Chrome remains the king in web browsing, Firefox maintains its position with a market share of at least 11%.

Microsoft’s fresh attempt in web browser did not go unnoticed. Microsoft Edge, which made its Debut with Windows 10, currently has 4.67% with a slight increase from 4.61%.
In order to stay relevant in the tech industry, it is absolutely so very important that the company learn from the previous mistakes, but Microsoft already made quite a few attempts to convince people but the result did not come in favor of Microsoft. It simply cannot afford a head to head competition with Chrome and Firefox. But that does not mean the company has to leave the field, at least Microsoft does not think so.

The Software giant taking a step further with Edge browser and creating a whole new experience that it is expected to be a game changer in the entire computing industry. The SETS feature is not unknown to us. Although Edge made a slight jump in terms of market share, still the number is not worth of any significance. The company making their all efforts to make Edge more useful.

Microsoft Edge will be getting an OS-level integration with Redstone 5, which will have a general release sometime in the fall of 2018. There is no doubt that the SETS feature will be very useful if Microsoft implements this thing correctly, whether this attempt flips the situation or not only the time will tell.

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