Windows 10 Mobile concept
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Despite the recent announcements, the fate of Windows 10 Mobile has been overly discussed, with rumours about Windows on Phone reboot still making rounds. While Microsoft has forgotten Windows Phone, the community is still not ready to give up.

When a hardcore Windows phone fan asked about new builds for Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft’s program manager for Windows Insider clearly told him that no new builds are planned for the mobile platform.

Last year when Microsoft split development of Windows 10 Mobile away from Windows 10 for PCs, the company confirmed that Windows Phone is dead. Microsoft has been making “negligible” revenue from its phone hardware division, apparently, the phone business is dead since the release of buggy Windows 10 Mobile update.

A while ago Belfiore emphasized Microsoft’s ongoing support for Windows phones but he noted that no new features and hardware are planned for the mobile platform. Microsoft will continue to release bug fixes and security updates for Windows 10 Mobile operating system, though the Windows Insider program seems to have been abandoned for the time being.

Belfiore had also suggested users to switch to other platforms if Windows Phone fails to meet their needs, in fact, he confirmed that he has also switched to Android. Microsoft’s executive blamed the lack of developer interest for Windows Phone’s fall.

While Windows Phone is dead, Microsoft has still not given up on its mobile ambitions, with a foldable mobile-type device codenamed Andromeda launching later this year.