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Despite Intel and Microsoft have released the Meltdown and Spectre patches for almost all PCs, organizations are not in rush to patch the vulnerability. Intel is in the process of patching 90% of the PCs against the found vulnerabilities in their processors by end of this week. Despite the fact, updates are available for Windows operating system, only 26% of PCs owned by enterprises are patched.

It appears that the organizations aren’t very keen on securing their computers, according to a survey conducted by Barkly. Updates for vulnerabilities are being available in the wild, but only 26 percent of the systems managed by IT administrators have patched the system.

Barkly survey also reports that 46 percent of the organizations weren’t aware of the fact that they need to update the antivirus software with a proper register key in order to install the Meltdown and Spectre patches.

“Only 42 percent of respondents say their AV vendor has notified them regarding their product’s compatibility with the patch. Nevertheless, 64 percent say they were able to determine their AV was compatible. 6 percent reported experiencing system crashes due to the update,” Barkly said in a blog post.

The organization refused to add the registry key when they were advised by their antivirus vendors, as the organizations were concerned about the aftermath of tweaking the registry value. The survey claims that 80 percent of organizations failed to understand the process of patching their machines.

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