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Rejoice Xbox fans, all thanks to the holiday season, Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 last month. According to a tweet by Aaron Greenberg, Head of Xbox Games Marketing, an unreleased NPD data has reported that Xbox One has its the highest console share for December.

He further says that Xbox One did outsell PlayStation 4 to gain 2nd position. 1st position is held by Nintendo Switch which was the most talked console and it is also the best selling console in the US.

It looks like Microsoft’s most powerful console, Xbox One X is increasing the sales. With 12 GB RAM, 4K native gaming, powerful Radeon GPU, HDR and Dolby Atmos support and many more, Xbox One X is an overkill.

As the company has given up on mobile, their focus on the gaming industry is constantly growing and efforts are finally paying off. We are still waiting for the NPD reports which would be released later this week.

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft, recently spoke on the success of the Xbox in Annual Meeting of Shareholders and confirmed that Microsoft will continue to focus on the gaming business across all platforms, the company will also try to introduce new gaming features and services.

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