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We had earlier reported that Microsoft is discontinuing production of its Kinect. The new Xbox One consoles launched recently were not available with the Kinect, but still users had the option to use the Kinect Adapter.

Today the company confirms that it has now discontinued the Xbox One Kinect Adapter moving forward. The company has now stopped manufacturing the Xbox Kinect Adapter to focus on introducing new gaming accessories for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Xbox One S and Xbox One X owners will no longer be able to use the Kinect Adapter which is used for making use of the Kinect with Windows 10 PC. The Xbox One owners were earlier offered the adapter by the company for $39.99 for the newer version of console.

Kinect Adapter is the USB accessory that is required to connect the Xbox One Kinect sensor to an Xbox One S, Xbox One X or Windows device. Now with the end of production, gamers who still prefer to use a Kinect for their Xbox One would need to buy the adapter from second hand market.