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It’s been a while since we reported the end of a popular app for Windows Phone platform and today it’s that time again, Starbucks Windows Phone app seems to be have been removed from the Microsoft Store. However, Starbucks hasn’t officially announced the end of support for its Windows Phone app.

Last year, Starbucks launched its official Windows Phone app. Starbucks for Windows Phone wasn’t a universal app, and it was available only for users in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

Starbucks for Windows Phone allowed the users to track stars, redeem rewards, and send Starbucks eGifts to friends. It also allowed users to review transaction history, and check the balance.

Unfortunately, Starbucks for Windows Phone is dead and the company recommends users to browse its platform in Microsoft Edge. The company does not cite any specific reason for the removal of its Windows Phone app.

The declining market share of Windows Phones could be the reason for giving up on its app. The application was rarely updated, and as Windows Phone is officially dead, it makes sense for any company to continue investing in Android and iOS applications.

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