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Windows Insider plays important role in improving Windows 10 by providing their feedback to Microsoft. A few months ago, there was no proper way or a system to let Windows Insiders know when their reported issue or bug has been resolved. Instead, after installing the update Insiders had to manually confirm whether the issue has been resolved or not. A month ago, this problem was addressed.

The Windows Insider Team came up with three solutions. First, System Initiated User Feedbacks (SUIFs) notifications were introduced which was pop-up notifications informing that the issue or bug which you reported or gave feedback about have been resolved. Second, users would be getting e-mail notifications. Third, Feedback Hub notifications. For more information, have a look here.

At the time when this feature was introduced Dona Sarkar, Head of WIP, told that the SUIF notifications will only be seen by the Insiders who submitted the feedback but later also expanded to the ones who upvote the feedback. So what happened to this?

Well today through a couple of tweets, Dona Sarkar, shared some updates regarding the same. She mentioned that her team sent 11k SUIFs to the Insiders last month and said the experiment was a success as over 50% of Insiders have responded to these pop-up notifications which is really a good response from the Insiders.

As this feature will grow more, now Dona Sarkar is also taking suggestions for the name to be given to this system of notifications. Till then it will be called as “Close the Loop” according to her tweet. This system will be improved and refined in the future with the feedback from the Insiders and can be seen through an update, coming soon.

She also said that this system will be expanded in January. “In Nov, our Windows Insiders team did the experiment of creating these ourselves to see what the click/open rates would be. In Jan, we’re going to coach our feature area community champs to write them for their areas’ fixed feedback,” Sarkar tweeted. What do you think about the new Feedback system in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.

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