Image Courtesy: onMSFT.com

WhatsApp for Windows Phone is one of the rare apps that gets updated with the new features and is on par with the app on Android and iOS. WhatsApp is also ending its support for the Windows Phone 8 app soon and if you were expecting to be using the app without any problems then you will be disappointed.

The latest version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone has some issues regarding the downloads of voice messages. Users are able to record and send voice messages but are facing issues while downloading voice messages from the app. The review section of the app on the store is filled with complaints of users regarding this issue.

The problem appears maybe because of a bad update rollout as it doesn’t seem to be an issue with WhatsApp service.

WhatsApp also released an update to its beta app on Windows Phone today bringing many new and hidden features like “Reply in Private” option for Group Chats, New UI Design for Video and Voice Calls and many more. The voice message issue doesn’t seem to be present in the beta update. Are you able to download WhatsApp voice messages on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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