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Microsoft is trying really hard to bring all of their mobile experience with their app like Edge, Cortana, Outlook Mail, etc. to more devices by making them available to Android and iOS after the demise of Windows 10 mobile.

As an to effort to bring the Microsoft experience to more devices today the company announced their partnership with Cheetah Mobile, a famous Android Developer to bring Microsoft’s own AI assistant – Cortana to Android devices by integrating it into their CM launcher which has over 100 million downloads on Play Store. This will allow users to use and enjoy the services it brings such as search, reminders, integration with Microsoft apps and services and many more.

“Partnering with Microsoft fits perfectly with Cheetah’s mission to make the world smarter and power our mobile apps with AI technologies. CM Launcher is already the market leader in terms of personalization options, but now, with Cortana, we can bring more smart services to our users.” Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile on a partnership with Microsoft.

Jordi Ribas, CVP of AI products at Microsoft says that the integration of Cortana in CM Launcher will allow mobile users to access Cortana to help them get things done wherever they are and also said that this integration is just the first step as they will try to integrate Cortana with many other apps and services in the future.

CM Launcher with integrated Cortana will be available in the US, Britain, Canada and Australia starting from January 2018. Maybe in future, support for more countries will be added.

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