Google is finally pushing out a new update for its Official YouTube app available for Xbox One users. The company is adding support for 4K videos to its video streaming app on Xbox One X.

Xbox One users will now be able to enjoy 4K video streaming on their consoles. The Redmond Giant also confirmed that Google is in plans to add HDR support in future updates to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S also.

Currently their has been no ETA given as to when Google will push out HDR Support for Xbox One consoles. The company plans to update their YouTube app for Xbox One S with 4K video streaming support very soon.

The Xbox One X YouTube app now includes support for 4K resolution videos and 60 fps playback which makes it ideal to watch games footage or sports event. Though Google has taken lot of time in adding 4K video streaming support for Xbox One consoles, it is still great news for Xbox One users who can now enjoy support for 4K videos.

However we would like to confirm that the 4K support is only currently rolling out to Xbox One X users and Xbox One S users would need to wait for the new year to enjoy 4K streaming support on thier consoles along with HDR support.

The updated app is rolling out now for Xbox One X users and if like to be the first to enjoy the latest Xbox One X app then you can download it by clicking this Microsoft Store link.