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The best third party YouTube app for Windows 10 devices MyTube Beta is getting a new update for Windows 10 Mobile, PC and Xbox One pushing the version to Ryken developer have been continuously working on the application by improving the application and bringing in new features and making it on par with the Official YouTube app which is not available for Windows devices.

The latest update for myTube Beta fixes crash issues when users were trying to download audio on videos that didn’t have an audio only stream. The Team has also fixed issues for Xbox One X detection to 4K videos which should working correctly after the latest update.  If you have a Xbox One X, you can now play videos with qualities above 1080p and VP9.

For Xbox One S users, you will be able to enable 1440p videos which was not working with previous updates and has finally been updated in the Beta application for Xbox. With myTube, you can watch videos while you read comments and even browse the videos.

With the MyTube Beta application users will be able to make changes to the video while playing the video and also the video will be running in the background even when the app is closed.

The latest update to the MyTube Beta app is currently live and can be download by clicking this Microsoft Store link.