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HP accused of installing system-slowing spyware on their PCs

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HP appears to be installing spyware on their users PCs without their consent. Recently Lenovo was also accused of pre-installing adware and today a new report claims that HP is deploying a software on user computers without their permission.

“HP Touchpoint Analytics Service” replaces self-managed HP Touchpoint Manager solution and it was first identified on November 15. While HP claims that the tool ensures all your managed devices’ security — and brings you greater peace of mind”, the customer complains that the application is actually is ruining the system’s performance by “starting and stopping numerous applications”.

“The HP Touchpoint Manager technology is now being delivered as a part of HP Device as a Service (DaaS) Analytics and Proactive Management capabilities. Therefore, HP is discontinuing the self-managed HP Touchpoint Manager solution,” the HP’s website reads.

HP has been accused of installing this software without permission and it appears to be wreaking havoc on customers’ systems. “I’m experiencing a considerable slowdown in my laptop (Pavilion P3V59PA). Once I look for the problem in Task Manager, I found out that the program called HP Touchpoint Analytics Client (and it’s subsequent follow up) constantly jumping the memory usage (~300Mb at minimum, ~nearly 2Mb at maximum),” a user writes on Reddit.

We still don’t know whether Microsoft or HP is installing this software. It may have come with the latest Windows cumulative updates. Neither Microsoft nor HP has confirmed the claims, we will, however, update this post once we learn more about the issue.

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