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Microsoft employee Tim Sneath has announced that he is leaving the Redmond company to work for Google on the new Flutter mobile framework. He spent no less than 17 years with Microsoft as Program Manager and worked on projects for developers.

Sneath explains that Microsoft is an amazing company with incredibly diverse interests and is filled with talented people, where he worked on developer tools (Visual Studio) for Windows. While he believes Microsoft is an amazing company, he also discussed the mistakes that the company had committed in the Windows Vista era.

“Microsoft failed to adjust rapidly to the new competitive threats posed by the rise of the standards-based web and the resurgence of Apple and the iPhone. Its rapid growth left it with the defender’s dilemma of being attacked by all sides, while also being unwilling to sacrifice existing businesses for new opportunities,” Sneath writes.

He also explains that Windows Phone and Internet Explorer failed due to various drawbacks, “infighting between different divisions left client developers in the Microsoft ecosystem caught in the crossfire, with little clarity for those who wanted to bet on something that would endure,” he explains. Not only developers, but this also led to customers leaving the Windows Phone for Android and iOS.

“And so when ‘Metro’ (UWP) was introduced as a reset for the Windows API, leaving behind the massive existing Windows XP and Windows 7 user base in pursuit of an unproven new touch-centric UI, developers largely shrugged and continued down the paths they had already chosen,” Sneath added.

The former Microsoft employee has revealed that he’ll be part of the Flutter team to work on the new mobile SDK, the job of the SDK is to help developers create apps for Android and iOS easily with more advanced features.

  • Ron

    Ole Nad said he didn’t see the need for a third ecosystem for phones. Why does he see three for desktop, laptop, etc. Why doesn’t MS just drop Windows 10 and continue working with iOS and Linux. One proprietary and expensive, one open and free. Then he could just concentrate on Azure, cloud and another $20 million dollar bonus next year.

  • Ron

    You’ll have to ask Nadellia. I read somewhere he made the statement above about not needing a third ecosystem for phones, he did away with Windows 10 Mobile and according to the latest he has cancelled plans for a Surface Phone (or whatever). I won’t argue the quality.

  • Aaron Hayes

    Guys, seriously? Have you seen their stock price recently? Maybe this ex employee was somehow butthurt from when he was working on Longhorn or maybe projects that never made it to the light of day. I’d give your article more credit if it was from a current employee and not a disgruntled one.

    Oh, and good luck convincing companies to stray away from the most robust business operating system in history. If you’re gonna hate on a company, take a look at Samsung.

  • Ron

    Aaron – Not hating on nobody, Just expressing my opinion using Nad’s own logic. MS for some reason isn’t so robust selling phones and are leaving me without one. What did Samsung do to you. If I hate anything, it’s the other crap. I really think this guy is a setup. Everything else on here is MS positive. BWT, I have some Hayes blood in me too so, watch it. My granny was a rounder.

    I know MS made a killing last year without phones. I believe mostly from cutting. Enterprise has a tremendous investment in MS and it would take the same to switch if possible at all.

  • Hard Little Machine

    So the SA brownshirts went to the SS blackshirts. Ok.

  • KA

    “mistakes that the company had committed in the Windows Vista era” ?? Or want he tell us “Windows 10?” Vista was okay. Windows 10 is disaster.

  • Catherine Gibbons

    James Damore should try and get a job at Microsoft, hehe