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Microsoft has now been sued for a HoloLens Patent Violation and has been dragged to court by Connecticut based company, HoloTouch accusing the Redmond Giant of Violating patents which were granted to the HoloTouch company in 2002 and 2014.

HoloTouch says that it had invented a holographic light which made it possible to operate a number of controls that float in the air, meaning several tasks could be activated without a direct contact.

The law suit filed in the court accuses the Redmond Giant, that the technology in question had been discussed with Microsoft in 2006 by HoloTouch, but that time the Redmond Giant had gone against using such a technology. The Redmond Giant was approached again in 2015 and 2016 when it was working on HoloLens but both the companies failed to sign any agreement.

Now the Connecticut firm has accused Microsoft of violating the patents and stealing the ideas which were discussed between the two firms earlier and has sought for damage compensation, the amount which has not yet been disclosed.

Currently there has been no statement issued by Microsoft and the company is willing to be silent on such cases only to see if there is an option for settlement in the case. We would however keep you posted on the latest developments once we have more info.