Rumors a while ago reported that Microsoft was building some sort of tab-based version of Windows Explorer for the upcoming version of Windows 10. Early builds came out but still there was no trace of that. Indeed with the release of the Creators Update also came the confirmation that after all, maybe it was just a rumor. But someone went ahead and built a software that makes you do that and more.

This is Stardock Groupy, and it’s rolling out to beta testing right now.

In the paragraph above I wrote that this software makes you group Windows Explorer tabs and more, actually it can group any software that has a window. Of course, it’s not just for one app. You can mix and tab windows of every software, meaning that you can tab together the Windows Command Line and Spotify, in multiple tabs of each. But that was just an example, because you can literally tab every software running in a window.

And it works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.

Using the app can be a little tricky and perhaps you may accidentally create new groups, but getting used to it you’ll use this product as a powerful productivity software. This can come particulary handy when dealing with small screen devices.

The software will also not defer normal using of the Windows Shell, you may still alt+tab to get the focus to the selected app, and the other shortcuts will work aswell.

The app will come out next month for $10 but if you are a Object Desktop customer, you can try out the beta right now.

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