Today, we are reviewing a software that can be often useful: ReclaiMe RAW drive recovery.

So, let’s start with a couple of scenarios and definitions. You’re using your hard drive normally, but then suddenly you get a call and you have to unplug that hard drive to run in the meeting next room while the pc is moving content in and out of the hard drive. Doing that may get your hard drive in the “RAW” file system. Having a RAW drive means that the system cannot give any of the data stored on the disk a specific format. Every file format comes along with a file extension and a set of metadata that describes its content. So technically, you can refer to a RAW file as a specific data set that doesn’t use any kind or any particular storage format. In our case, it’s a disk partition that has not been formatted with the file system neither FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 nor NTFS/NTFS5, thus it can’t be read from normal operating systems.

You may often jump into a “RAW disk”, but most of the times that doesn’t mean your data is lost forever. Indeed some softwares can recognize file formats and save them from being forever unreadable, so typically the chances of recovering data from a RAW device are quite high. One of those softwares is ReclaiMe RAW drive recovery.

RAW drive recovery

This software is designed to be simple and quickly accomplish its purpose. You may look online and find something around the internet that may mislead you into complex and ad-driven softwares that will block while recovering content if you won’t buy a license. ReclaiMe RAW drive recovery isn’t like any of them. It’s simple, there’s no technical skill required to use it at all; It lets you preview recovered data even before recovery is finished, so you won’t have to keep panic until the operation completes; it works with any kind of devices, from MicroSDs to the most big hard drives and it reads any file system including ReFS, the latest file system that Microsoft introduced in Windows Server 2012 and later in Windows 8.1, and most importantly it has a 94% success rate* with many awards.

If you’re interested, or need a software to recover data quickly, you can download an evalutation copy at this link and check out the other software that ReclaiMe offers here.

* based on 2015 statistics