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Microsoft couple of weeks ago released the new Fall Xbox One update for all Xbox One users with lots of new features and fixes. The company is now releasing a new Xbox One Preview Build for Insiders in the Alpha Ring.

The new build comes with version 1711 and is a new feature update with build number 16299.4016. The latest build rolling out includes many new features like Enabling gifting of select digital Xbox One games and more. Below is the full changelog:


  • For Xbox Insiders in the Alpha ring, the Microsoft Store now enables gifting of select digital Xbox One games, “durable” downloadable content (DLC) (map packs, weapon skins, etc.), Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass—right from your console! Just choose a game within the Store, select “Buy as Gift,” and send it to your friends or family members by picking their Gamertag or entering their email address. NOTE: Digital gifting will be enabled for Preview Alpha @ 1:00PM PDT on 10/27 and is not tied to the system update. Please see Digital Gifting below for more information.
  • In addition to games and friends, you will soon be able to add club blocks to Home. We’re also making it easier to explore additional types of blocks at the bottom of Home by adding a new section under “Add More.”
  • We’re improving the setup experience to make it better for both new users and upgraders. The settings from your home console will now be saved to the cloud, just like your game saves. Whenever you set up a new console, you will have the option of applying these settings during the sign-in process.
  • Additionally, your console will now back up even more settings, including your TV & OneGuide settings. This expansion will provide a simple experience when you transition from one console to another using the settings backup to your external games and apps storage device.
  • The Xbox app for iOS and Android will now enable you to finish setting up your new Xbox One X console while it’s downloading the day one update. Additionally, we’ve also improved the process for enabling 4K output right out of the box.
  • Xbox’s new notifications provide an at-a-glance status of what activities you can immediately step into after you’ve had to step out for a moment. We’re adding additional notifications types when your system goes idle, including LFG posts, broadcasts, and Achievements.
  • We’re adding miniature Game Hubs for your most recently used games in the Guide. That way, you can access the great content on a game hub without having to leave the action.
  • Adults who have enabled the “Buy & download” online safety setting will now have an easier time purchasing games thanks to a passkey/password challenge directly in the Xbox dashboard.
  • We’ve heard your feedback! Games with no unlocked achievements can now be hidden from the personal and public view of your profile.

To access digital gifting, you’ll need to go into the Xbox Insider Hub and join under Insider Content, and then you can just choose “Buy as Gift” from a Store listing. There are currently some restrictions though:

  • Users can gift select Xbox One games, downloadable content (DLC), and subscriptions (Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass).
  • Gifting of “durable” game DLC (map packs, weapon skins, etc.) is supported, but the gifting of “consumable” game DLC (virtual currency, etc.) is not supported.
  • When a particular item is discounted, users are allowed to send two (2) gifts of that item every fourteen (14) days. The 14-day clock starts once the first copy is purchased at discount. Once the limit for that item is reached, users will not be able to purchase that item again as a gift until the 14-day period is over, even if the product is no longer discounted.
  • Users are allowed to send ten (10) total gifts at discount every 14 days. There are no limits on items that are at full price.
  • Not all Xbox One games are available for gifting, including some XPA titles.
  • Xbox 360 backward compatible games and consumable DLC (such as virtual currency) are not eligible for gifting.
  • Pre-ordered games and pre-ordered durable DLC are not eligible for gifting.
  • Digital codes can only be redeemed in the country/region where they were purchased.
  • Refunds for digital gifts are not supported, nor can entitlements for content or subscriptions be transferred once redeemed.
  • Please see the gifting terms and conditions as well as the Microsoft Store terms and conditions for a full list of policies.

What’s Fixed:

  • Home
    Resolved an issue which sometimes prevented content blocks from being added to Home.
  • Party chat
    Fixed an issue which sometimes caused party chat to unexpectedly disconnect. Miscellaneous improvements for party chat stability.
  • Blu-Ray Player
    Resolved an issue which could cause the console to get stuck displaying video content in 24hz after playing a Blu-Ray.
    Resolved an issue which caused 3D Blu-Rays to play in 2D.
  • Dolby Atmos
    Fixed an issue which caused Dolby Atmos settings to reset after resuming from connected standby.

Below is the list of known issues:

  • Tournaments 
  • The left and right navigation for selecting date and time during Tournament creation is currently reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation in Tournament twists is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation in the bracket view of Tournaments is reversed when the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.

The build is currently rolling out for Insiders on the Alpha Ring and Insiders in other ring can expect the build to be made available in the coming days or weeks.

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