Surface Phone will be Microsoft’s first ‘unique’ device with the foldable body. The Redmond giant is reportedly testing a foldable device called ‘Surface Phone’, ‘Surface Note’ or ‘Surface Journal’. Unlike Microsoft Courier, the Surface Phone will run Windows 10 built with Windows Core OS and CShell on top of it. With Surface Phone, Microsoft plans to create a new category with mobile and PC like features, aimed at both consumers and enterprises.

Samsung and Huawei are also working on foldable phones but Microsoft’s Surface Phone will be a unique device with Windows 10 operating system to deliver a 3-in-1 user experience. Microsoft is focusing on differentiating its mobile hardware from the rest, just like the devices in Surface family. The device is codenamed Surface ‘Andromeda’ and as noted above, it will feature a folding body with support for pen and digital inking.

Surface Phone features

Codenamed Andromeda, Surface Phone is a device with foldable body. It will be a tablet but when folded, it will transform into a phone with the full version of Windows 10 built with Windows Core OS. The CShell is an adaptive shell that allows Windows 10 to adapt on any-screen size device and thus it can be used on a foldable phone because the foldable display is actually created by joining two display, as a result, the operating system needs to be adaptive.

surface phone

The Surface Phone will also support telephony capabilities, it will be a perfect replacement for your smartphone and laptop at the same time. Microsoft is of course not planning to create just yet another smartphone.

The device will be powered by latest Snapdragon processor available at the time of launch. Microsoft is already planning to launch a PC with Windows 10 on ARM and it makes sense if the pocket PC ‘Surface Phone’ run on the ARM as the Intel processor couldn’t deliver mobile-like features such as awesome battery life.

As Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and the management confirmed in past, the company’s next mobile-type device won’t compete with Androids and iPhones.

What is Surface Phone release date?

Microsoft plans to launch the Surface Phone in 2018. It could be delayed until the end of 2018 as the Windows Core OS is still not ready for the public release. In the past, Microsoft has cancelled many projects and the unannounced Surface Phone might be the next as it is an innovative device.

If Microsoft launches the Surface Phone, do you think it will be able to create a new category or is it already late?

  • vino

    let it come to world, then we will discuss.

  • Mike G

    IF it comes, Surface Note (don’t call it a phone, lol) will definitely help to shape a new category. Windows platform desperately needs such a mobile device to fill the dangerous, gaping hole in it’s ecosystem. It may already be too late to stop the unraveling. Microsoft has to balance this urgency with the need to get everything as right as possible on launch day. Even then, damaged consumer and developer trust will slow adoption rates for a while. I’ll definitely be among those giving it some serious consideration though because (for now) Windows is still my favorite operating system across all form factors.

    • Bryan

      “Microsoft has to balance this urgency with the need to get everything as right as possible on launch day.”

      That’s an extremely tall order for Microsoft.. They’ll surely screw it up somehow,..

      “Even then, damaged consumer and developer trust will slow adoption rates for a while.”


  • Scott M

    all this makes me think it is going to be a small tablet with LTE data access, not a phone.

  • Bespin

    Buying day 1..bring it on tired of limited slabs same for WMR just ordered my Samsung Odyssey ..bring in NEW

  • Mboe

    Anyone with a time machine? Take me to 2018

  • Carlosgzm


  • Fede

    Who confirmed it?!

  • pege63

    NEVER again a Windows Phone

  • Gn Re

    How many peolpe in the world still believing? What should be learned from last 2 years is , that mr Nadella is playing around with M$ resources just as he thinks it maximizes his personal income. He just killed the Nokia cooperation, because he was originally not involved in the decision when the Nokia cooperation was started. He is the worst and dangerous leader of M$, because what he is also doing, is to weaken the fundaments of M$; e believes that office and cloud are the new “Windows”, well maybe true what means the short term effect on financial income; but believe me in next future it will not anymore be important if you run a Win or Ios or whatever PC, because office is present and can easily be replaced by lowcost software.

    • Paul

      He also ended support for Windows 7 and 8 ahead of time… Just to save money. He doesn’t care what makes the customers happy. He keeps releasing buggy and unfinished, half-baked versions of Windows 10. You know something’s fucked up when your start menu just refuses to open… And the only way to fix it is to restart, but the power button is in the God damn start menu that doesn’t even open… So you go to ctrl+alt+delete and restart from there.. Seriously? Is this called a “stable” build of Windows 10? Wow. Thank you Satan Nutella.

  • Fede

    High price? Not much users gonna acquire that device. I like the idea, but not sure if I gonna pay thousands of dollars.

    They need a MORTAL version to be a Win-Win. Something like 500USD with VERY good hardware. Maybe a Surface “Phone” (1 screen) USD 400-600 and Surface “Note” (2 screens) USD 900-1200.

    What do you think??

    • jagster

      When a iPhone and Android phone already tops $1,000, you really expect something dramatically superior and containing more expensive components to be sold for half their price? This is a new class of device and imagine the price will be inline with what the current market trends are showing. I imagine Samsung’s foldable Android phone will cost roughly the same or more than this device though. I suspect Microsoft is going to try to hit the high end as an ultra-ultra portable pc/tablet (with phone abilities) first – then maybe a couple/few years later work downwards toward a single screen phone form factor if things are successful and the internet tech blogs aren’t consistently doing their best to undermine their efforts.

      • Paul

        Lol, please stop. That $1000 price made me cringe… Nobody except retards buys THOSE phones, because they’re not any better than some $300 phones. I hope Microsoft doesn’t go down that rabbid hole into becoming a super overpriced bullshit brand like crapple. So yeah, while their phone should be significantly more expensive than $300, let’s not compare it to iphone because that piece of shit is cringey.

        • jagster

          I don’t think they plan on marketing it as a phone. I know for us techies there is no real distinction but to the average laymen consumer wannabe techie, an ultra portable table PC could sound really cool – then they learn they can also use it to make/manage all their cell calls and SMS and their minds would be blown. For some reason, and I see this every day, average consumers are blown away by the most trivial of things that have existed elsewhere but they didn’t know or have the brains to identify on their own (without the marketing telling them). MSFT sucks at marketing to consumers though so I don’t know how successful/penetrating their messaging would be anyhow.

  • I’ll just wait and see how it looks.

  • thejollyroger

    I like the idea of the UNfolded Note/Courier as an ideal note pad because it is not too large. Then I would take ALL handwritten notes in OneNote, no more scraps of paper or paper notebooks.
    If a phone call comes in or has to go out, I would like to think one would flip over the left/right half so the right/left becomes the Phone.
    Call done, reverse the process and back to Note.
    Only two names for this Surface model: Note or Courier.

  • It was important to offload Nokia for this to get off the ground. It is less of a hardware leap which was Nokia’s forte that is required and puts the ball in the court of MS to take the bull by the horns as in the evolution of Andromeda with the hardware following from there. There are examples of Xbox one X and Surface Pros that illustrates this well with hardware features being optimised to software requirements.

  • Michel Monaco

    It’s a very nigh stake ! Hope MS do it PRETTY WELL ! They are doing a wonderful job up to now with VR and AR, there’s a lot of new and amazing possibilities ahead !

  • James

    This device will be unsuccessful unless Microsoft management abandons its inflated pride and complacency which it carried with its Windows phone product.

    • Veritasortruth

      What would it take for them to do this. How do you “abandon” inflated pride. I’m not sayin you are wrong but I just can’t see how they would go about this.

  • Tiago

    Eu to desde 2012 teimando com meus pais que quero um surface phone quando sair to com um android bem simples so para nao ficar incomunicavel mas, eh um sonho q realiza os fas do iphone falaram q eh igual acreditar em papai noel e eu finji q acreditei ai pessoal a magia existe! Kkkkkk

    • Paul

      Dude fuck you. This is an English article, don’t you see? Now fuck off with your funny language.

      • Tiago

        fuck you damn !, gringo idiot clown is not able to use a DUMP translator! I write from my language the internet and free for Manézão to find! will grow idiot! I did not use a translator because I did not want to, but now I’m using you to answer son of a bitch !!!

  • Amwaj Karoon

    Doubtful if the device in question is ever gonna surface given what MS has been stating about the launch of this so-called ultimate mobile device for years….

  • TinGA

    Why should anyone trust Microsoft with anything ? Every device they create, they kill. For Microsoft who is always late to the party, if it doesn’t lead to world domination, it’s not in their best interest.

  • Eric Hamilton

    It…won’t…happen. I typed it slow so that no one will miss it.

    • YeahRrright

      And even if it does, there are no apps, no one is bothered to write UWP apps, not even MSFT themselves.

      • Paul

        Ehm, guys, read the article FFS. It will support win32 apps.

  • Hebphone

    Whats the point? It will be a modern “HP Jornada” with LTE capabilities. Who cares?

    • Paul

      I do.

      • Hebphone

        Good for u sir… good for u. Cheers!

  • Sukhdev B Jatavadiya

    Why microsoft kills there devices.? Surface phone is the last hope, if this will be fail, microsoft may loose the reputation and trust of consumers.

  • Hewlett Packard

    If Microsoft gives new life to upgrade my Lumia 950 and 950XL phone to new OS of Windows 10 s, or whatever new OS they’ll use for mobile then I will reconsider this new surface phone. Among other microsoft products and accesories I bought throughout the years, all of them lost support with their latest OS, But other brand still manage to work even with 3 to four OS variation already. I am now to my neck that the only Microsoft product I’m considering is their software – Windows and Office. I’m wondering how many of more Microsoft followers here since I just lost my confidence on them when I heard they’re dropping the Windows Phone.