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We have in our earlier article confirmed that Microsoft is working on bringing Keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One. Now more reports suggest that the support for Keyboard and Mouse would be coming in the upcoming few weeks.

The company has already officially approved its first keyboard and mouse which is being made by HORI, the TAC Pro One which is more of a keypad design than a keyboard. The TAC Pro One is expected to bring PC style controls to the Xbox One.

The keyboard and Mouse are specifically designed for FPS Games and features which include the keypad or analog stick movements. The new Keyboard and Mouse provide you with new control method to the Xbox One to revolutionize the playing style of the users.

The Device is compatible with the TAC Gaming Mouse and is fully programmable meaning users will be able to adjust and store the settings for mouse sensitivity via the TAC Mobile app. The TAC Pro comes equipped with 20 LED mechanical keys which have been developed by HORI to help in quick speed and rapid input capability.

The HORI TAC Pro One is currently available for pre order with Online retailer Amazon priced at $149.99 and is expected to be launched on October 30th and is compatible to use both on PC and Xbox One.

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