Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Release Date

Microsoft as promised pushed out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to all users yesterday. The users who upgraded to the latest version of the OS manually via the Update Assistant have now complained that the Start Menu is longer working or broken.

There have been various complaints being reported on Microsoft community forum’s that the Start Menu has been broken after installing the Fall Creators Update. Users who have installed are now complaining that they are not able to Pin or Unpin applications.

One of the user complained that the apps are no longer included in the Start Menu in spite of them being installed on the system. The apps can’t be pinned from the taskbar or start menu after the upgrade.

There has been no update if Microsoft is working on any fix for the Broken Start Menu and we are tracking the news and will update the article once Microsoft releases a fix for the Start Menu/Task bar issue.

We @ Windows Latest request our users not to install the Fall Creators Update manually to avoid any such issues and instead wait for the update to hit your devices, since the roll out is gradual and you should receive the update in the coming weeks. Do let us know if any of our users are experiencing a Broken Start Menu in the comments below.

  • I’ve got the Start Bar bug and it’s hyper annoying. I can open the Start Menu by mashing left, and right click on the icon. Windows Key does nothing. Can’t do anything with Cortana. Can’t open up pinned programs on the Start Bar. It’s always on top, even during fullscreen games… Yeah, I ain’t liking it.

    • SNICOL Photos

      I created a new admin account, signed out of my current account, signed into the new one then logged out and back into my normal account and the bug went away… until I rebooted. Now, signing out and back in again resets the bug for a bit. Still very annoying but better than before and worth a try. Also, I find its not so much mashing the buttons as doing left click then right very quickly once as if you wanted to open the start menu but changed your mind at the last second and went for the context menu instead.

      in my case, I find it more problematic that thinks like EDGE brpwser and anything that uses that interface (like the system settings panels!) aren’t working problem – that really hinders troubleshooting!

  • L.Felix

    Same problema here! :(

  • jon3rockaholic

    Yep. Start menu is pretty much completely broken for me. No start menu settings will stick. Also, after unpinning all apps from the start menu, my start menu resize won’t stick. Then after rebooting, all unpinned apps are now pinned to the start menu again. This is with a completely clean install and completely updated. I used the wsreset command, but it didn’t help.

  • Spl3rg3

    This will happen if you have updated any built in apps. The proper way to update is to remove all store apps before the upgrade and then reinstall after the upgrade. Otherwise the original apps get “stuck” and you can no longer remove them. Make sure you use appx package and not appxprovisonedpackage as the latter will remove the apps entirely from the image. The former just removes them from your profile, allow for reinstallation later.

  • Nuno Pires

    After Windows 10 Fall Creators Update task bar doesnt work

    Windows seach
    Action center

    dont work in task bar
    I was already with 2level support of microsoft and the same

    Can you help?

  • Alan J

    It runs OK after restart then after a few minuets the windows key and the start menu is unresponsive.

  • jon3rockaholic

    So here is what I did to fix my start menu issues. I did a clean install of the Creator’s Update (not the Fall Creator’s Update), and then I fully updated everything, and then lastly used the Upgrade Assistant to upgrade to the Fall Creator’s Update. There are only a couple noticeable problems with this update now. The first is that my reboot time is roughly two or three times slower. The second is that there is a strange entry at the bottom of the defrag and optimization tool.

    • Daniel.Lamb.NV

      I reboot till it works for now. It’s bad though, the boot times are crazy long. I really don’t want to have to wipe it and start all over. Here is to hoping Microsoft fixes it soon.

      • jon3rockaholic

        My reboot time went from around 10 seconds to around 30 seconds on my ssd.

  • Mr. New Vegas

    My start menu is dead, i cant open start menu, search, Display settings, personalize and im sure more.
    Initially it worked after restart, meaning after cold boot it wont give start menu, then restart and it worked, but now no matter how many items i restart or kill and re-launch explorer, nothing helps.

    If it goes this ill go back to using Alternative start menu like Start10 or that otehr free one.

    • Willy Sarahan

      Exactly same here

      • Mr. New Vegas

        I fixed it.
        You can open Task manager from CTRL+ALT+DEL, then choose run , mark as administrator and write Powershell.
        Now you need to create new user account

        Write: NET USER username /ADD (to create user without password)
        “username” is the new user account username you want

        After you created new user, open Task manager again, choose Run and type: Control Panel, to open Control Panel.

        Go to user account settings, Manage Another account, select the new account and change its type to Administrator.

        Now close all the programs you had open, and press CTRL+ALT+DEL, choose Switch User and log in to new account

        In my case the Start Menu starred to work, but i needed my old account with all the settings, so I just pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL, choose switch account and switched back to my original account and imagine that the start menu started to work on my old account too.

        • Thanks Mr Vegas. This worked for me, although I did have to reboot first before the start bar appeared on my original admin account.

        • daneyuleb

          What does this fix? There’s at least 3 different problems listed in this thread that people are having. Start menu not coming up at all? Pinned icons missing? Apps uninstalled?

          • Mr. New Vegas

            all of these problems are start menu related, if you cant see your start menu, this will fix it and bring back the default apps.

    • Jeremy Wright

      Same here, wtf Windows!!!! i5 7600k gigabyte z270x gaming 8 gtx 1080ti

  • axel_kevlar

    It works! Thanks a lot!

    • Jimbaloidatron

      Me too!

      • M

        Sorry to hear that. The file renaming trick perfectly worked for me until today, but out of the blue something happened and I don’t know what or why. I not installed anything, got no Windows Update, etc. After a restart the ALT + TAB works again, but the Start Menu won’t show.
        I tried the previous tricks and I tried to copy a fresh, working TdlData.xml from another Win10 machine – no luck.
        As a last resort I installed the Classic Start Menu (part of the Classic Shell freeware software – I’m not affiliated in any way) for a Start Menu replacement until I find a working solution.

        • Laurie Stearn

          Haven’t tried that- but absolutely stoked to find folks with exactly the same problem.
          7 yr old computer- but much slower in starting up since the 1709 upgrade. Upgraded some physical memory- but may have impacted-
          No Alt-Tab but the Alt and Tab keys work separately.
          Windows key out of action
          No Startmenu (right or left click)
          No Action Menu popup on the right popup
          Cannot start Settings!
          Thankfully most of the functions run on the old Control Panel (cpl)- but the ones that can’t- well there’s a bigger issue:
          In CP’s Advance Recovery Tools there’s
          “if you are having problems with your PC, go to settings and try resetting it.”
          Click it, and get:
          explorer.exe: System call failed.
          Can’t downgrade as nuked all old Windows (35+ GB) with DiskCleanup.
          Running out of options- perhaps an ISO repair upgrade- Who knows?

  • Tad Springer

    Same issue here. Microsoft need to sort their shit out!

  • 1USPatriot

    Two issues: 1.) This happened to me two or three months ago – during an update with auto-reboot all my start menu pinned icons altered, they moved, the uncategorized themselves, basically made a mess of what I spent hours creating – I have not spent the time to fix it yet.
    2.) This automatic reboot – I am going to talk to an attorney about a class action lawsuit to STOP Microsoft from pushing for FORCING updates and REBOOTS! This is insane that it can not be stopped. I’ve read that someone was 3D printing and it destroyed their work, because the PC “looked” idle so Microsoft just installed and updated, I lost hours of programming work and all my windows were closed upon coming back to my machine! WHAT IF a nuclear power plant fails because a mission critical PC gets the remote reboot from Microsoft.

  • Brenden Chase

    I’m experiencing this same issue.

    I found that on cold boot, the start menu and other windows type system settings and features are simply broken. However, warm boots seem to fix the issue.

    I was going to do a clean install, but see someone tried that already, so i guess i’ll stick to the warm boots for now. What a damn shame.

    • Jonny Kates

      How do you mean, ‘warm boots’. From sleep?

  • MES

    Several of my programs pinned to the task bar are invisible. They are there -but you don’t know what they are until you roll over them to identify. Driving me nuts. Busy person – need normal things to be there.

  • PhotoRestoration

    Broken and still broken!

  • Amanda Charnes

    It totally reset my start menu to default. ALL my custom groups are now gone, replaced with a bunch of stupid junk I never even USE. And did it install a bunch of crappy games too? NO, WINDOWS, BAD OS, NO COOKIE!

  • hoffmangraphics

    I can’t even SEE my start menu since Windows updated yesterday. My alt-tab doesn’t work nor does my keyboard windows icon or my start menu…at all. This is ridiculous since you all have been dealing with this for 2 months….I can’t imagine how! I think I’ll uninstall if I can find a way to get there! Hopefully they’ll release a fix at some point. How do they let this happen?

  • Tony Le Bourne


    EVERY system I have updated (7 in total) has the same issue and its a pita to fix. sort it out MS.

  • Mervin Flores

    Hi guys. I found a fix from a different forum. It may or may not work for you but it definitely fixed my start menu! Under setting, go to sign in options. Scroll down to privacy and turn off “Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart”.

    Another issue that i had was when programs like chrome automatically opens when your system restarts. I guess the new Windows update keeps track of all the programs that you opened before the systems shuts down and re opens them when you restart. This might be useful to some but not me! A temporary fix is shutting down your computer using ALT+F4. Hope this helps guys!