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Google has today announced that Chrome on Windows is getting a new feature to alert users about the malicious software on their Windows PCs. It was a necessary step to fight against the malware that clones Google Chrome homepage and secretly injects malicious codes into the system.

The built-in antivirus for Chrome on Windows help users to revert the changes made to the browser without the user’s consult. Have you ever opened Chrome and noticed a suspicious search engine? Google has found a solution.

Earlier the only fix was to uninstall the software, reset Chrome or even clean install the browser. It was indeed annoying for the users and Google wants to improve the user experience.

Google is addressing the problem with the new tool, the company will remove the malicious software from the system and restore the browser to the original settings. Google has partnered with ESET to offer the built-in antivirus solution, however, remember that the tool is not supposed to replace your PC’s antivirus software.

It may be a good move to get rid of the malicious software, however, it will have a negative impact on the performance, Chrome has been already criticized for the RAM usage and this move will only make it worse.

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