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The open software testing program by Microsoft, Windows Insider community has helped the company to shape Windows 10 by providing feedback and reporting the bugs. Microsoft announced Windows Insider program on September 30, 2014, to allow users to test the pre-release builds of the operating system.

As of May 2017, over 10 million people are helping Microsoft to refine and improve Windows 10 operating system. With the Windows Insider program, Microsoft has also embraced its fans by letting them try pre-release builds of Windows 10 and gathering the feedback, this changed the way Microsoft used to handle early builds of Windows.

In early days, Microsoft used to punish the people who leaked early builds of Windows, however as Windows 8 failed, Microsoft realised that the feedback is only going to shape the new operating system, Windows 10.

Today, Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar revealed that the company is all set to launch the Windows Insider forum. Sarkar explains that the forum should help Insiders to interact with each other and the product team. “We are about to launch discussion forums on our website post signing-in & the main concern we have is moderation,” Sarkar tweeted.

Microsoft is however confused about the moderation of the forum as it is not possible for the Redmond giant to moderate the forum 24/7. “Do we think we as a community can self-moderate & keep discussions on point with us & prod engineers & not only random trolling,” Dona asked Windows Insider.

Microsoft may be planning to seek MVP’s help or promote the Insiders to mod status and keep the forum a safe place from spamming, abusing and trolling. Do you think a forum would help the Windows Insider program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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