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California-based social media networking service, Facebook is currently facing a major outage leaving the users logged out of the popular social media platform. The desktop site is completely dead whereas the mobile app is allowing some users to browse the old cached content, while it also displays an maintenance error message for the rest users.

It all started when Facebook became slow and there had been issues while posting photos. It appeared to be a technical bug but later Facebook went totally blank and it is down since at least one hour in some parts of the US, UK, India and other countries as well. As you might have guessed already, not only Facebook, Instagram is also having issues.

Down Detector has confirmed that Facebook is having issues since 8:20 AM EDT and the social media platform is still down for most of the affected users. However, the Facebook engineers are actively investigating the issue, the social media platform should be back in a couple of hours.

In other news, a new teen survey from Piper Jaffray revealed that the teens are losing interest in Facebook, as they’re spending more of their time on Facebook-owned Instagram and Snapchat. ”Instagram and Snapchat have extremely high user overlap, but Instagram is a better channel for branding, has better ad units, and stronger advertiser engagement,” the report reads.

New changes to Facebook are rolled out daily, however, the social media giant is still struggling to be online all of the time, the company probably needs another infrastructure upgrade.