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The popular application that gives you relief from remembering too many passwords, Enpass is making some changes to its Windows app. The company has a UWP app on the Windows Store available for PC, Tablet and Mobile. As Enpass has been struggling while adding features to the UWP app, the company has launched a new app for PC and UWP will be available exclusively for Moblie.

The Enpass’ decision is yet another blow to the already strugling Universal Windows Platform. Microsoft isn’t able to convince the developers to use build a UWP apps and the developers are more interested in converting the Win32 apps to the Windows Store, Enpass is going to follow the same route.

Enpass used Desktop Bridge offered by Microsoft and ported the full-featured Win32 application to the Windows Store. This was done because the UWP app had limited API, as a result, it wasn’t possible to launch the Edge extension. Enpass’s new Win32 application and the new Microsoft Edge extension are available on the Windows Store.

The company is not planning to phase out the UWP app anytime despite it recommends users to use the new Enpass app instead of the UWP app. Enpass has however confirmed that the UWP app will still be available and it will be later refreshed for Windows 10 Mobile.

Download Enpass Password Manager for Windows 10 (new Win32 app).
Download Enpass extension for Microsoft Edge (works with the new Win32 ported app).
Download Enpass UWP for Windows 10 Mobile and HoloLens.

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