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Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has recently published his first boot ‘Hit Refresh’. The book is more about the business than his personal life. In the book, Satya Nadella writes about the failed Nokia acquisition and as well as the successful LinkedIn $26.2bn deal in his book.

Satya Nadella voted no for the Nokia deal and he was always against of buying the struggling smartphone maker. On the other hand, Satya Nadella believes that buying LinkedIn for $26.2bn was better than partnering with it. He writes about the several reasons that made Microsoft buy professional networking platform LinkedIn, in 2016.

Microsoft didn’t want to enter into yet another partnership with LinkedIn, as a result, Microsoft found it better to acquire the LinkedIn. As Microsoft is “increasingly becoming more agile, more innovative, more open, more purpose driven” it was indeed a right decision to buy the professional social media network.

“In my experience, whether we’re talking about a gigantic acquisition like our deal to purchase the social network LinkedIn or smaller acquisitions like those of app developers Xamarin, Acompli, and MileIQ, the acquisitions that succeed generally start as partnerships born out of careful analysis of customer needs. That was the case with LinkedIn, which Microsoft acquired in 2016 for $26 billion, one of the largest such deals in history, Nadella writes.

With LinkedIn, Microsoft apparently wants to build a new network of professionals to provide opportunities for individuals and businesses. It appears that in the future, we will see more products from Microsoft will focus on to make people become more productive.

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