Despite Microsoft launched a new browser Edge with Windows 10, the company is still supporting and updating Internet Explorer. Despite the browser has been getting new changes and as well as security fixes, it appears that Microsoft wasn’t able to find a flaw in the browser that allows the attackers to record a user’s browsing habits.

Michael Caballero, a web security expert has explained how the bug could be missed used by attackers. Hacked websites or ads can easily inject the malicious HTML object tags to run a piece of code that will record the user’s browsing habits and use the data for advertising purposes.

Microsoft has been advising the users to use the new Edge browser as it is being updated with every cumulative update. Microsoft Edge in terms of performance, design, features and security is better than Internet Explorer browser.

Microsoft is yet to address the security flaw in Internet Explorer and it is expected to be fixed with the next cumulative for Windows operating system. It is indeed concerning as Internet Explorer is still being widely used and the browser is more popular than its successor. That being said, if Microsoft cannot maintain the Internet Explorer’s security, they should get rid of it completely.

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