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A new update for Groove Music on Windows 10 has just been pushed out. Introducing some minor fixes and improvements, the update is heading out for users on the production and release preview ring.

Bumping the version number to 10.17072.16431.0, the update includes a few visual improvements too. The Fluent Design effects are more smooth now, there’s less glitches and hitches and Groove runs better than before. The new changes include bigger album arts, an updated play and add button on the album arts and faster navigation.

Groove Music
The new visual updates in Groove make it smoother

There are some other bug fixes included in the tow, so the app is a bit more faster. Available for PCs, the update is yet to show up on our Mobile devices. We will update our article once it starts rolling out for phones and if we spot anything new.

Hit the link below to grab the update,

Groove Music for Windows 10

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