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Microsoft off late has been working on adding more and new featuers to the Xbox One Console which the company has termed as the world’s most powerful console. The company which earlier allowed creators to use up to 9GB of GDDR5 RAM with the Xbox Live Creators Program is now making changes and would be releasing “Expanded Resources” feature with the Fall Creators Update for Xbox One developers.

The Expanded Resources features will allow developers to get access to 6 exclusive cores with 5GB of RAM and Full access to GPU. Developers earlier had access to only 1GB of RAM for an app/game in the foreground which has now been increased to 5GB with the latest feature. However only D3D12 based UWP games will only be having the access to full power of the GPU.

UWP games installed through the Windows Store to Xbox One Consoles in the Xbox Live Creators Program will be able to get access to the “Expanded Resources” feature and developers will be getting a boost on the performance along with a larger sandbox.