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Microsoft has been struggling to make its way into Mobile World but as competitors are coming up with new technologies and new devices, along with OSs’, Microsoft hasn’t been able to root down into the market for its Windows Phone Devices. Satya Nadella’s Vision for Microsoft is to empower every person and organisation on this planet to achieve more but seems he doesn’t want to do that with a Mobile Device, currently.

Windows Phone 8 was a really good operating system but the only reason, big reason, people hesitated to buy the device was that it’s App Store. Popular Apps were there but they received the latest update like after a month or so as compared to Android or iOS. Windows Phone OS is really smooth and versatile as compared to other operating systems on the market, if it had a good app store, the phone would have become a huge hit. Their what the failure reason comes on vision, for Microsoft.

So to encounter this problem, they came up with Universal Windows Application Code, which would make windows app run on even desktops. This Microsoft thought might make an encouragement for developers but seems that didn’t actually happen. This is maybe because there aren’t many Windows Phones on the market neither many people actually use the Windows Apps for their computers. So Developers lost their interest in there.

After the launch of new Surface Computers, there is a rise in the number of applications on the windows app store but not very significant one though. Microsoft, after the failure of Windows Phone, thought that if we’re losing here, we shouldn’t lose on the computer section, and they launched Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Pro NEW, Surface Studio, Surface Laptop and more to come, maybe atĀ the London Event.

They have pretty dominatedĀ field when it comes to computers but what they can do to get back into the mobile market? The same what others did. Come Up with a really different device than what we see in the market.

Apparently, it is not possible for Microsoft to re-enter the mobile market without a unique device. Imagine if they come up with a smartphone with 8GB of RAM, Snapdragon 835 chipset and try to compete with the smartphones in the market that comes with same feature but under a different brand name. It’s not possible for Microsoft to convince the users and ask them to upgrade to its new Windows Phone that looks and works just like any other smartphone. Only advantage is Windows 10 platform and everything else would be same.

Microsoft’s recent patent talks about a smartphone-sized device with a bendable display and a software that is capable to run on a device that has two screen joined together over a hinge to create a 2-in-1 device. However, the device is not ready as Microsoft is still working on Andromeda OS that adapts to any screen size device.

Surface Phone is a great hope for Windows Phone lovers, let’s hope Microsoft will unveil that device unlike any other.

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