Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft is currently working on rebranding its Skype for Business as Microsoft Teams. Skype for Business is basically the business communication platform of the Redmond Giant. Users trying to login to Office 365 have been prompted with message stating that Skype for Business will be soon rebranded under Teams umbrella.

Microsoft is expected to announce the change at its Ignite 2017 conference in Florida this month. Microsoft had launched the Teams app to compete with another application Slack and the company has added lot of features lately to its Microsoft Teams app available with Slack App.

With the rebranding Microsoft would be folding all of the Skype for Business into the Teams and would leave Skype as a consumer application purely. Microsoft has posted a message to its admin portal (Below) stating that it is actually upgrading Skype for Business to Teams and confirms that it would be an opt in experience that everyone will be forced to upgrade at some point.

Combining the two services could actually be a good idea for the company since Teams app has had more focus on Office 365 integration.