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So far this week, Microsoft has released two builds for PCs from the Redstone 3 branch. Furthermore, Microsoft also pushed the first Redstone 4 build to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring (Skip Ahead). On the other hand, Microsoft hasn’t released any builds for Windows 10 Mobile this week.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc confirmed on Twitter that no new builds will be released to Windows 10 Mobile this week. Why? Due to a blocking bug, Brandon replies. “We actually did 2 PC flights to WIP Fast, 1 Skip Ahead, and 1 Slow. We had a blocking bug for Mobile this week, unfortunately,” he said.

Though Brandon Leblanc did not provide many details, we can assume that a blocking bug might have the potential to make the phone useless and cause freezing or other problem.

Nowadays Microsoft is delaying builds for Windows 10 Mobile with silly excuses. In fact, it seems Microsoft is not interested in flighting the builds for mobile. Last week, Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile Build 15240 to Slow Ring without any proper announcement. Even if Microsoft releases a new build for Windows 10 Mobile, it will bring no outstanding changes.